Kneipp Shower Experience

Especially after taking a sauna, the interplay of cold and warm has a positive effect on the body. That is why we recommend a visit to the new Kneipp shower experience. The effect of Kneipp water treatments is based on strengthening the body's self-healing powers through mild to strong stimuli. The cold-warm temperature influences emanating from the water stimulate the blood circulation and thus promote the metabolism and purification of the body. Look forward to tropical rain, freezing rain and a colourful play of colours.
Alpin Hotel Masl
Unterlände 21
I-39037 Valles
+39 0472 547187
Location & Route
Our Alpine hut
We also have our own Alpine hut at an altitude of 1,740 m in the Malga Fane mountain farm village, we’ll take you there again and again. Off we go to a traditional and original South Tyrolean Brettljause snack!
To the alpine hut
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